The speaker of the master class

Спикер мастер-класса

Rudckii Maksim

For a long time Director of development at leading domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of plastic processing. Currently, he is an entrepreneur and founder of a number of business projects related to the contract production of plastic products.

My 15-year professional experience in manufacturing and trading companies has convinced me that contract manufacturing is the most efficient, inexpensive and reliable business model. This is the golden mean between the real manufacturing and trading business, which includes all the advantages of the first and second. This is a great opportunity for the development for both large companies and start-up entrepreneurs.

My master class will be useful for a number of business categories that are able to integrate plastic products into their products range.

for manufacturers
Contract manufacturing is a great way to expand the range of produced products quickly and not very expensively. You do not need additional workshops, production equipment, at least most of it, you do not need to expand the production staff and other related costs. I will tell you what you need to focus on and how you can create competitive advantages.

for trading companies
Your suppliers can change the rules of the game at any time and put your business at risk. Therefore, to engage in the production and promotion of your own products, at least brands, is very promising. You can control many things, but most importantly, you control your future. Contract manufacturing will open up a huge potential for stable and long-term development.

for beginning entrepreneurs
Contract manufacturing allows new entrepreneurs with a different investment opportunities to enter the manufacturing business. There are a huge number of projects that can be launched with only a couple of thousand dollars. And, it will be a great start with a good income and prospects. Contract manufacturing can transform you from a modest and small entrepreneur to a large and successful company in just a couple of years.

In this master class, we will talk about how to create a contract production of plastic products and consider a real project.

The program of the master class


Plastics advantages

Plastic products: applications and prospects


Processing technology

Two key areas of plastic processing: injection molding and extrusion


Generating ideas together

We will discuss ideas and opportunities for their implementation in your company



Pros and cons: full-cycle production VS contract production


Real example

The analysis of the real project "the production of facade plastic panels"


External management

How do we assist our customers in creating contract manufacturing

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...but you do not want to get involved in technically complex and expensive production.

You should visit this master class

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